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Learning GermanEnglish is a must – but you can increase your acceptance at German employers having German language knowledge (the deeper the better). You should feel good not only at work but enjoy your after-work-life as well.


Dedicate each day 30 minutes to learning German. You can make use of idle time like travel to work (if traveling by car please use audio files only :-) . As support, please find here links to free German lessions in the web evaluated by experienced learners regarding their quality for self learning.

Start learning German today ! The lessons support  all levels, from beginner to the advanced student.

Double your chances once you have reached intermediate stage!

Find here below free German learning ressources, selected and tested for you.


Deutsche Welle  German international radio station

You find here a test to evaluate your German language knowledge level, printed, audio and video lessions for all levels, a commmunity for contacts with learners all over the world, beginners’ lessions for lots of mother languages like Bulgarian, Polish, Romanian or Spanish, special themes on Germany for intermediate and advanced learners.



Livemocha is committed to creating a world in which every human being is fluent in multiple languages. This site offers free online courses and live instructor-led classes in 38 languages. The only thing you need to do is to create a free account  and just sign in. To help the Livemocha community you can even teach, helping others.






This site gives a lot of information about the German language and German culture as well as tips on how to write your CV in German and how to prepare for a future interview. You can also test your knowledge and make sure whether you shall start with a beginner or intermediate level.






Langmaster is a site for free German lessons online. You may register for the courses to obtain the option to save your results from the tests you pass, but it is not mandatory.  The courses contain interactive exercises, minutes of sound and audio recording. It is very useful for writing and listening to German.






Jenniefer, a lady that has numerous degrees in Linguistics and is a language teacher, created this site in 1997. The German courses are systematized in easy steps, going through the grammar and most important conversation rules.  At the same time you can listen to every word and sentence. There are exercises included in every lesson. A very useful site: Give it a try.






A site created by international student, with the help of his mother, who is a fluent German speaker.  The course is easy going and covers pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar.






This is an useful online audio travel phrasebook. Every sentence is translated and pronounced in German and makes it easy to get use to listen in German.


Is there another site that should be shown here? In case you have a site that supports you in your learning efforts, please share it on Contact